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What Is the HCG Diet?

Over the years, the HCG diet has generated a lot of buzz. Many swear by it as a powerful way to lose weight, but if you're considering this diet for yourself, it's important to go in with a proper understanding of how it works. Here's a brief overview of what the HCG diet entails. The […]

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What to Expect From Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is an important hormone that is made by both men and women. Although men generally have more testosterone in their system, it’s also an important hormone in female health as well. Women produce about one-tenth to one-twentieth the amount of testosterone as men, based on our industry knowledge. As men age, though, their testosterone […]

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4 Things to Look for in a Wellness Clinic

Staying healthy often involves a lot more than simply eating your veggies, getting enough exercise each day, and having a check-up once a year, according to our medical experts. Although it's highly recommended that everyone get a check-up with their PCP annually, sometimes we need a bit more help when it comes to our health […]

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5 Ailments Ketamine Therapy Treats

Ketamine is a well-known medication that can aid individuals with multiple health conditions. Ketamine therapy is used in various clinical settings, from hospitals to mental health practices. Let's take a look at five ailments that this type of therapy can treat. 1. Depression According to Regis College, around 47 million adults nationwide are treated for […]

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What is Medical Weight Loss?

Today, obesity rates have reached an alarming number. About 9% of people are living with severe obesity. Obesity risks include a higher rate of diseases like cancer or diabetes. Research shows that overall, obesity causes a lower quality of life. This is where medical weight loss comes into the picture. Medical Weight Loss A physician often supervises […]

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4 Benefits of Hormone Replacement Treatment

Women go through so many changes with their bodies. From puberty to menopause, hormones can cause many ups and downs for the average woman. As women age and deal with menopause, estrogen usually declines and may create great discomfort. Luckily, hormone replacement therapy is available. Here are some benefits of considering this treatment as an […]

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4 Effects Depression Has on Your Body

When we think of depression, we often only think of the emotional impact it can have. However, depression can affect people physically as well. According to SingleCare, it is estimated that more than 264 million people worldwide have depression. It's important to understand the toll depression can take on your body and medical wellness as […]

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3 Ways Weight Loss Can Improve Your Wellbeing

Obesity is a problem that many Americans face. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 50% of the country is trying to shed pounds. Making this change can be highly beneficial for your body if you go about it in the right way with the assistance of medical professionals. Here are […]

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The Pros of IV Treatment

Are you feeling drained and want to get your energy back? Do you feel you don't get enough nutrients from food? If so, you may want to consider IV treatment. When people think of an IV, they often think of sick people. However, you don't need to be in a hospital bed for an IV […]

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3 Signs Your Hormones Are Off Balance

According to Newsweek, about 80% of women suffer from hormone imbalances. However, the signs and symptoms of a hormonal imbalance often lead many women to believe that something else is wrong. For example, when a person is constipated or has diarrhea, they may be diagnosed with a digestive disorder. However, this is also a common […]

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Human Growth Hormone Treatment

Growth hormones are in charge of regulating body composition, body fluids, muscle, and bone growth. Adults who suffer from a growth hormone deficiency can have weight gain problems, lose weight, dry skin, and fatigue.
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Symptoms/Signs of Hormone Imbalance

Different hormone imbalances can cause various symptoms/signs. Common problems usually include fatigue, weight fluctuation, dry skin, temperature sensitivity, and irregular heart rate.
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Intravenous Infusion Myers Cocktail

When taken orally, vitamins can’t reach the same concentration level as when delivered intravenously. Vitamin C given through an IV can reach a blood concentration more than 50 times higher than when given orally.
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